Toning Swollen Eyelids Back Into Shape

Swollen, water retaining eyelids are unsightly and can hinder your sight. Swollen eyelids are usually caused by accumulated fluid in the upper lid itself. Maybe you haven’t cried in a long time,  maybe you drank too much alcohol last night. Whatever the cause may be, it is advisable to treat yourelf to a cleansing and rejuvenating Eye Massage – to “empty the bags” as it were, before embarking upon the toning your swollen eyelids back into shape exercise  given here.

Toning swollen eyelids

Swollen, puffed up eyelids can be toned back into shape with this specific exercise. Try it now to feel and see the immediate results.


The Position

Swollen, puffed up eyelids can be toned by making closed eye contractions against resistance. Place your hand on one side of your forehead, with two fingers resting on your brow bone. Place your little linger on your closed eyelid to feel its movement during the exercise, as illustrated.

  1. Contract your upper eyelid firmly against the resistance of your finger. This contraction is not a squeeze or a squint. You are pulling your eyelid up asif to open your eyes but your little finger gently resists the action.  You can feel the thrilling movement happening under your little fingers.
  2. When you feel the movement clearly and you are confident of doing it right without lifting or wrinkling your forehead, try to take your hand off gradually.
  3. Contract and release 20 or more times, before feeling exhaustion in the muscles involved.
  4. Finish the sequence by increasing the pressure on the inner and upper corner of the eye socket until you feel a not-too-uncomfortable pain (acupressure).  Breathe through the pain deeply right down to the base of your abdomen and hold your breath for a while.  Then breathe out slowly while releasing the pressure.


Take your time over this. The ideal shape to aim for is a slightly hollow upward curve which pushes the eyebrows up and out (think of Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich).  It requires considerable application at first to keep everything under control but don’t worry, it will become easier with practice.

As always, we want feedback. How does Toning Swollen Eyelids Back Into Shape work for you, can you feel it working?